Thursday, May 11, 2006

suprise birthday parties here and there

it's great to know that i don't have to work tomorrow! yay for rachel's wedding being on my birthday. heehee. i'm taking a "personal day" tomorrow -- personal day being in quotations because it shouldn't be called that if you have to pay your own sub but hey. i'm happy to do it to attend rach's wedding. at 2pm today, my grade 5s threw me a suprise birthday party with a big Costco cake, chips, pop (no DC though haha) decorations etc. it was awesome. they set it up in the library when they were supposed to be at band class. very cute. then tonight at the end of my dance class (yes, we're still practicing for the big end of the year recital), my sister in law Chris leaves for a second and comes back with a pack of those two-bite cupcakes with candles in them and they sang happy birthday! two suprise birthday parties in one day. i've eaten way too much sugar already and am planning on eating much more this weekend with the chocolate fountain at the wedding and whatever beautiful cake my mom whips up! oh dear. happy birthday to me.


Laurie Trueman said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca - where do the years go?? I finally remembered to write down your blog address from your Dad - he gave it to me quite awhile ago and I kept forgetting it, but finally remembered the last time we talked, wrote it down and have been enjoying all your news - I don't know when you get time to write??!! I was really interested in hearing from him all about your dance lessons/recital - such a great way to keep physically fit and have fun at the same time - I am so enjoying my Ballroom dancing - coming up to two years, so feel like I've made great improvements in that time.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday and great weekend with all the wedding celebrations.
Aunt Laurie

ang said...
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ang said...

the thought of the chocolate fountain just gave me a burst of stamina in the portland airport.......I'm coming home for your birthday!