Wednesday, May 03, 2006

that darn census craze

so i'm hearing these census 2006 commercials on the radio and getting the flyers in my mailbox and i have to admit...i'm looking forward to recieving the census stuff to fill out. i've never filled out any census thing before and i like filling things in. you know me and surveys right? well i got the census stuff today and got the access code to do it online. i logged on and all it is is your names and birthdates practically! it turns out...i didn't know what a census was for. i thought it would be much more interesting. and what made me laugh at the end though was this question:

"Mark YES if you are willing to make your personal information public 92 years after the 2006 Census."

Ninety two? am i missing something? is there a reason it's 92 years as opposed to 100 years or 90 years? let me know if you know the answer to this. in case you're wondering, i answered yes. why not?

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alyssa said...

I think that a random group of people are asked a lot of detailed questions, and the rest of the country get the basic census... maybe next time you'll get the detailed one.

PS I can't wait to hang out next week.