Friday, May 26, 2006

hometown 6

disclaimer: read the post below to understand how and why i found this site

so speaking of my cousin rachel, (hi rachel), she once posted these 6 pictures that she entitled "hometown 6". i thought they were interesting despite not understanding why they were posted. HOWEVER, today i found the inspiration to rachel's hometown 6 photos. her friend is doing a year-long blogging project (yes, it's true) where each month on the 6th, she gives 6 categories to inspire photos of your hometown. it's quite an interesting project. for example, jamuary's 6 were 6 signs of your hometown or area's name. well...i think this is a great idea. hopefully it's okay with michelle that i post this here and do this myself because it sounds great. feel free to feel inspired by this and take and post 6 hometown photos of your own. here is the may hometown 6 categories:

It's May! It's springtime! And it's a long weekend! How about a springy-yardy-parky kind of challenge?

For this month's challenge, you are given the following list of items to photograph in your hometown or hometown area:
1. Mailbox
2. Street Sign
3. Flower Box
4. Gazebo
5. Banner or Flag
6. Yard Animal(s)
You may interpret these items however you deem fit, taking a photograph of each, or taking six photographs of one, or a combo, whatever you'd like to do is each.

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