Sunday, May 07, 2006

rachel's bachelorette

good times on a saturday night. rugby club. locking keys in the car. BCAA. leaving poor throwing up laura in the car while we go to Shine. (in retrospect, probably a bad choice -- sorry laura) dancing in new shoes -- never a good idea. new ingrown toenail. leaving at 12am. mcdonald's drive through for a sundae. home at 2am. it is strikingly apparent that i'm just too old for all of this. i think i was born too old. here are some pics.


dariansgirl said...

nice pics bec. i am however dissapointed with the third picture in which i look as big as a house and have enough chins for me the baby and a small country! see you friday!

rachel j said...

YAY for friends...can't even tell you how much I am so thankful that you came out! I also do not think that you are "too old," you were still breaking it down on the dance floor. Holla.

Sharelle said...

i swear, in real life, i didnt look like that.haha.
oh well, good times my friends. looking foward to friday - i expect to see you and tim out on the dance floor. ya, you heard me stage dancer.

ang said...

nice! looks like you guys held it down! I cant wait to shake it with you all this weekend! Bec, to who are you comparing yourself to when you speak of being old? It sounds like you are keeping it bumping. Geez, who else do I know braving the stage?
I laughed thinking about you telling your class that the subject is pau.

working hard, hardly work, gotta make that bootie jerk!