Sunday, May 28, 2006

pedicures at california prices

in california, there are a dozen salons per town that do cheap manicures and pedicures. my friend danielle (from california) used to get pedicures regularly before she came up to go to TWU for 4 years. she couldn't believe what we paid for pedicures up here. when i went down to visit her in 2004 for 3 weeks, i got to experience these inexpensive pedicures myself. WELL...i have found a little salon in abbotsford that gives pedicures for $18. i went and had one yesterday and it was great. it turns out that this lady is from california where she had a salon for 25 years! now, i have had pedicures at Spa Utopia and that great little spa in Pennisula Village and sure they might have nicer atmosphere and special pedicure chairs but Elegant Hair Salon still does all the filing, cuticle pushing, dead skin removing, foot massaging, lotion rubbing, and nail painting that you could ask for in a pedicure. and for only $18? it's not as tragic if a toenail gets chipped or something.

in triathlon news, i'm officially signed up and paid. it's on. triathalon training day one: 15 min. on a stationary bike. 30 min. walk/run.


Sharelle said...

thats great. i was just thinking how much i need a summer pedicure, but there is no way i could afford it. but shoot, at 18 bucks i am in.

Alyssa said...

I totally agree that all you are paying for in the nice salons is the atmosphere... and the expensive soothing tea. But I haven't found anywhere as cheap as $18... next time I'm in town, after hip hop dance class, lets get some pedicures.