Friday, May 19, 2006

from two cars to none

how quickly things can change. yesterday at the end of the day, i couldn't find my keys anywhere. they were no where to be found. sally had driven so we left and stopped at the whatcom road exit where my car is parked to see if i could see keys left inside (or dropped outside?) but no keys to be seen. so sally dropped me off at my house carless. and no, there are no spare keys for the car. thankfully we just got the truck back from getting some repairs i figured we had that for this long weekend. so today i had a pro-d day beginning with a service project in abbotsford (yay for sleeping in) then the rest in chilliwack. tim carpooled so that i could take the truck. well i'm driving down sumas way towards the sumas border crossing and the truck dies. dead. thankfully i'm not on the highway because i don't have a cel. i coasted to the side of the road and walked into an office building right there and used the phone. however, tim is no where to be found. i called joy and jerry and joy came to pick me up. i wasn't sure what to do but i had joy drop me off at my pro-d thing and she said shaun would take care of the truck. well at 11:30am i realize that i have the keys to the truck so there's no way shaun's even looked at it. so i call shaun, he meets me at the park and ride by sumas exit and gets the keys. i went off to chilliwack since it's not like there was anything i could do here in abbotsford. shaun and christine are going away for the weekend so he called a tow truck for our truck and left us their van for the weekend so thankfully we are not trapped here. but at this moment in time, neither shaun nor i have gotten a hold of tim yet to tell him his birthday news. no vehicles. happy birthday tim!

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