Friday, May 05, 2006

stress headaches and garden slugs

what a week. i had one of the worst headaches of my life yesterday when the school day ended. i was feeling fine and then all of a sudden it hit. i thought i was going to be sick to my stomach it was so bad. sally drove that day so i was able to close my eyes the way home but driving my car from whatcom exit to my house? i thought i wasn't going to make it. but it did. i fell into bed, put on my mask, and lay there in pain for a couple hours. tim rubbed my neck when he got home and it hurt to the lightest touch. i think i was just so stressed out from the day (especially stressed by one child...) the tension built all day and my neck was TIGHT. ow.

and remember the garden? if you haven't seen the pics, go back a few posts. well the dahlias that were supposed to be replanted but hadn't yet...they're pretty much dead. slugs. slugs like dahilas. shoot.

thankgoodness it's Friday. although that won't stop the slugs.

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daddio said...

You have the best-est blog ever.