Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hot hot heat

what a crazy couple of days here in average temperature BC. we just don't know what to do with 3o degree weather in the middle of May! i was thinking of Domi today though -- he must be thinking this is okay. haha. this morning i got into my car at 7:03am and the temperature outside was 18 degrees! at SEVEN A-M!

so days in a hot classroom just aren't the most condusive to learning. warm air blowing around makes kids ancy (sp?). it doesn't help that this is a weird week because we have a tennis instructor here to teach tennis to our classes and he teaches my class everyday at 9:30am. this is normally math time and i have become a firm believer in math in the morning instead of the afternoon. well, math has pretty much been in the afternoon or right before lunch everyday this week and it's extra crazy with the heat. i'm beginning to understand why teachers say "june's a write-off" (uhh...not that i agree but it is understandable) because it's just so hot in the class. but anyways, today was still a pretty good day. lots of laughs. laughing with my students is my most favourite thing about teaching. sweating with my students? not so much.

i'm thinking about teaching ESL at a 3-week summer camp in Chilliwack this summer. it looks like it's just 8:50am - 12pm and adds up to about 40hrs over the 3 weeks. $25 an hour plus reimbursement for lesson planning time. so a little over $1000. i'm feeling super torn. do i want to sepnd three of my precious vacation weeks planning lessons and teaching them? i know people who don't know any teachers think we have a slack job but being a teacher...i think we deserve the summer off. (plus we still have stuff we have to do over the summer - all unit plans for all subjects...augh) is $1000 worth it? what do you think? (i know what you would say mom -- haha)

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Domi said...

30 degrees C equals 86 degrees F in my world. In Hawaii when it gets that hot we all just walk around in out boardshorts and swim clothes and when it gets really HOT I like to just walk around in a grass skirt. It was fun to be in Canada. Angela has really awesome friends. See you all soon.