Wednesday, July 04, 2007

and by the way...

i did the official sign up for VRC this morning and in reading the "rules, regulations, and policies" page, i saw that:

"Members are invited to bring EACH of their friends to the Club. Member can bring in as many guests as a Member so desires. However, the same friend may not come in as a guest more than two times in an 30 day period."

so...let me know if you want to sweat through cycling, trip up your step or try pilates fusion and i can hook you up. :)

though i should warn you...the same page also says:

"Gym shorts with T-shirt or sweat suit, top and bottom, white socks or soft soled gym shoes must be worn in the exercise areas at all times. Absolutely no nudity. Must have towel."

so...there you go.

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ang said...

I bet there are loop holes. I bet I could use fake names.