Sunday, July 08, 2007

golden what?

yesterday, tim and his friend jon, headed out to Golden Ears on a 24 km hike that on various websites was recommended for overnight hikes only and they planned to finish it in one day. 9 hours later, they did. then they laid on our couches and complained about how sore they were and made plans to go again in september. oh brother. here are some photos.

they didn't make it right to the summit because they needed proper footwear and tools to help them climb in the snow. but as you can see...they were pretty close. these are some prepared people climbing while tim looks on jealously.

good job boys.


therachel said...

my favourite is the last pic. they look tired. but still...GREAT WORK!

Laura said...

I hope Tim didn't hike in those shoes. No wonder he's tired:)

Matt said...

atta boy tim. thats a pretty serious day hike. I did the 13hr hike yesterday so i know what you mean by lay on a couch and complain. good times.

ang said...

thank you for not going with them