Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i've been waiting TWO weeks!

and FINALLY SYTYCD was back tonight! oh you KNOW it's going to be a long post tonight...

having watched the show alone tonight, i have a plethora of comments. so many, i did think about making notes while i watched but then decided that might be taking it all a little too seriously. instead, i'm posting minutes after the show so i don't forget anything. ha.

i'm always a little miffed by guest judges. i often don't think they have the guts to say real things to the dancers. buddy tonight? fantastic. i think he should be a regular judge.

lacey and cameron are lacking something. i don't know what it is but i don't think it will have helped their votes by having danced first because we forgot what they'd even done by the end of the show.

shauna and cedric. i hope they're in the bottom this week. sure, it was okay. way to step it up cedric but it's not up to the standards of the rest of the dancers on this show.

i loved and fully agreed with what guest judge said about danny. he has this arrogant way about him that looks as though he thinks he's already won. i totally DOES. sure, maybe the other two don't think that it's arrogance but i don't think we're connecting with him as viewers. i do like anya. i couldn't believe that photo of her blond. that was unreal how different she looked. it was a great dance but i wouldn't be super surprised if they're in the bottom again this week.

can you BELIEVE that benji and heidi were choreographers toinght??? i love love loved it. and that's what the network people (namely nigel) are hoping for. i was sucked right in to their ploy. man, pasha just wins me over every week - he is so fun. sarah? meh. i was worried for that the dance wouldn't be up to snuff with the other choreographers but way to work with the music benji! i thought it was great and was glad that the judges agreed...though benji probably doesn't need anymore going to his head. ha.

dom and sabre - i missed it in it's entirety because i was on the phone with tim (who's in florida) so i'll have to rewind and re-watch but i couldn't bare to miss a minute of posting time. i gotta get downstairs to that cool basement.

hok and jaimie. HOW could america NOT be voting right now after hok's little speech complete with TEAR at the end of their performance??? if my canadian votes counted, i'd be voting for them right now. i though hok did a tremendous job - maybe that's just because i like him and have no experience whatsoever in judging dancing... and speaking of liking hok...what was with jaimie? man she bugs me. AND she totally has a real crush. did anyone else notice hok's pants looked a little too short? oops.

now...who's with me when i say, wade robson should not be choreographing anymore because it's so unfair to all the other dancers? he's brilliant. i love his stuff. he likes to throw that ragdoll, limp legs move into every dance he's done this season but it works. i really wanted both neil and lauryn to go last show but this dance has brought them back up a little in my books. (and those are books that matter, i know)

kudos to nigel to integrating the fact that vanessa williams was in the audience into his comments about lauryn and neil. that was totally smooth yet still lame.

who i'd like to see go? cedric and sarah

who i predict to go? cameron and shauna ( oh i don't know)

oh man. the results show tomorrow. i might have to tape it and watch later so don't be worried if there's no instant post! o h i know you'd be worried.


peace said...

Yeah Nigel's segue was lame and pointless.

therachel said...

yes yes yes. I know we are friends b/c we think relatively the same. I agree with Lacey and Kameron...Lacey is superb, but Kameron has only made it through thus far b/c of how great Lacey is...I think.

We were cheering when the guest judge spoke up about Danny, and I agree that it is arrogance. I think Mary & Nigel were trying out some reverse psychology on the viewers by complimenting Ced's dance...didn't want to give him another chance to make a weepy speech.

Agreed about the Hok & Jamie stuff...she's definitely crushing, and annoying. Does anyone else think she made up her "what America doesn't know about me is...that I wanted to be a basketball star?" Lame-o.

With Dom and Sabre (who I LOVE!), they did a Shane Sparks hip hop routine. I really liked it, it was slowed down though, and I don't know if the viewers will quite get it. There was a neat part during their intro where Sabre revealed that she asked Dom to teach her a breaking move, and she learned a sweet freeze that Shane incorporated into the piece...

Also, I really liked Lauren during the auditions, but she grows increasingly more annoying each week. I really enjoyed her and Neil's dance yesterday, they did a spectacular job. I'm thinking they won't be in the bottom 3 this week...but hey, every time I've made a predicition, I've been wrong.

Results show tonight...can't wait!

Tim said...

Yeah....what she said.