Tuesday, July 03, 2007

step plus

since my cycle post, i have since tried two more classes. the first one was step this past saturday. it was good.

this morning i got up in time to go to the 9:15am "pilates fusion" class. i called ahead to find out if i needed to bring my own mat. i did. so at 9:10am, i headed out the door, mat in hand. i signed in at the front desk and then went upstairs only to see people setting up steps in the classroom. i stood there for a second and then looked at the schedule by the door only to see that i'd forgotten it wasn't monday. it's tuesday today and there's a 60 min "step plus" class about to begin. so i set down my mat outside the door (i didn't want anyone to see me carrying it) and went in to set up a step.

i was feeling like, "yeah, i've done a step class before...it's all good" but then i saw people getting weights out and those heavy bar things and balls and i thought...what have i gotten myself into? i asked someone what i needed and she was very helpful. then i thought i'd better tell the teacher that i've never done this before so that she doesn't think i'm terrible. she's like, "great. i'm a substitute so no one will be used to my steps and calls." great.

we start and i'm a little near the front and i'm messing up my steps here and there but it's going okay. when we stop to get water, i make a joke to the girl behind me. she's nice. but that's just the warm-up - now the instructor powers down and we're flying all over the place. v-step, v-step turn, repeater knees, up up lunges...it's out of control. i'm getting pretty tired and then the instructor tells us ot get our weights. i'd grabbed 5 lb. weights but man...i should've taken 3lbs. i thought my arms were going to fall off. lunges. squats. lunges. squats.

now something that i hate is that i'm a very red-faced sweater. i used to think it was just because i wasn't used to working out but as it turns out, i just get a very red face. it's a stark contrast to my very white skin from the neck down. you just can't even imagine how red my face gets unless you've worked out with me. i tried to take a photo of it when i got home (because it takes a long time to go away) so i could post it for you but it didn't do the red justice.

well today...? my face was more red then i perhaps have ever seen it. i was sweaty. it was gross.

but finally, 65 minutes later, the class was over. now that i'm home, i'm feeling good that i went. but i'd planned on also doing a cycle class tonight and i'm thinking i'll be skipping that now. give me a couple weeks before i can double up on classes.

then i remembered my pilates mat. shoot.


Alyssa said...

Sounds more like step plus plus plus to me. Reading about all the classes you are taking makes me want to go and join a gym tomorrow, but I'll probably sit on my couch in my post-night shift daze all day instead.

Laura said...

Bec, I love your excersise stories:) Your step experience reminds me of a similar step class i took. First year at twu Mikki and i went to a class and i remember having similar feelings. I got my step out but then people kept bringing out all this other equipment, we were like what the heck. I remember i could barely make it through the steps and the instructor came up to me and practically groweled at me, "you can do it." I was so freaked out and never went back again..you are brave:)

Your book came in the mail yesterday, it looks cute. I'm meeting alyssa in white rock tomorrow for lunch if you'd like to join us and i could give it to you then,