Sunday, July 08, 2007

rebecca? backpacking?

so in preparation for my first ever backpacking trip to Yoho National Park, we bought me a pack! on friday, tim and i went downtown to MEC and met up with alyssa and we did some shopping. we tried on boots and packs. there aren't too many backpacks designed specifically for women so there weren't that many to try on but this one is for women. this means the straps are closer together and the waist belt sits better on my hips then the men's ones that i tried on. it's a 50L bag and i just stuffed a blanket in it for this pic. ha. it will look bigger when it's filled up. i'm a little nervous as i never even carry little backpacks on day hikes but i'm working the weights at the gym in hopes of building a little muscle before we leave on july 21!

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Matt said... look so natural. i bet tim loves that. want to try to fit in a day hike before you guys leave on the 21st? see you soon.