Tuesday, July 10, 2007

since it's too hot to sleep...

i spent the evening in langley with kara in her basement suite where i had to change out of my shorts into capris because it was so cool. then i left her house at 10:30pm to find it nice and cool outside at 23 degrees. finally. then i got home where it is 33 degrees in my house. at 11:45pm at night. now...i know it is much hotter for many of you reading this but i'm not going to bed yet because it's too hot so i'm on the computer and if i'm on the computer, i should blog. and if i'm blogging...i need something to say. and i'm just not a heat person.

tomorrow is a poolside day at the shulbas for sure.


therachel said...

the trick I've learned from living in Edmonton is this: by about 10 in the morning on the hot hot days (which we'll be having here over the next few), close all the windows and blinds. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it does seem to help. It keeps the super hot air out, and seems to work ok. Then open the windows when the temp has started to drop at night, around 8pm or so. Get the fans going, and hopefully this will ease the oppressive heat.

ang said...

yesterday Katie and I were shocked when I looked at my "customized homepage" and it said
Honolulu 28
Vancouver 38
I have all the fans on here all day.
Maybe you need a new fan

Katie Marie said...

WOW, Bec! I can't believe it's hotter in Abbotsford than here in Honolulu. I am thinking of you and hoping for cooler, breezier weather to come your way soon! It's so great to hear from you, and to read up on your blog. It lets me feel as if I'm not that far from home. I hope you are doing well, and having a great time in sunny BC! Thanks for looking at my blog and being the first to post! I can always count on you! Ang and I are going to the beach soon, so I must go. I just joined facebook, too! So you can look me up and add me! Hope to talk to you soon!