Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the latest puchase...

a couple weeks ago when tim and i were at MEC buying that fantastic backpack that you've already seen, i had tried on a pair of Merrell Explorer Day Hiking boots (seen here) that were blue. they were not quite the right size and the store didn't have the next size up to see if those fit better. if you know me, you know i tend to shop impulsively so instead of just buying that size, i didn't. to spend $150 on boots, you want to make sure they're perfect. i tried on other boots that day at other stores but didn't find anything i liked that much. hiking boots are so goofy looking.

since we're leaving saturday, and now it's wednesday afternoon and i still am lacking boots - i was sitting around at liz's today and checked MEC's website only to see that my boots were now only $97!!! but of course, not in my size or even the close size anymore. i say, "where else can i look for boots?" and liz suggested Coast Mountain. i'm not a Coast Mountain fan but i gave them a call asking for these boots and what do you know? they have my size. AND they're $129 - not $149! AND they're on sale for $119! so that's good enough, right? while i'm on hold for buddy to check to see if they have my size, liz says to me, "ask if they're price-match MEC" so i do. and they DID! i got my boots, correct size and they're not weird blue - they're normal brown!

great. thanks liz.

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judymacd said...

.. get the best deal possible.. a girl after my own heart *wow* Now, the question is, did they throw in some bear spray with that purchase? ;)