Wednesday, July 18, 2007


i heart dominic and sabre.

if hok & jaimie, sarah & pasha, and lacey & kameron are in the bottom three? i predict kam and sarah are going. if kameron and lacey aren't in the bottom three but hok is? i predict hok is going.

i heart wade robson.

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therachel said...

so, yes, I agree on the part about who will go home for guys. Dan Karaty gave Kam a chance to prove himself last night, and he didn't step up. I think it would be sad if Kam went home before Hok.

I also heart Dom and Sabre...they are so GREAT! Love them! Hey, Bec, your premonition came true - no Wade routine this week = no supremely standout performances? (this is probably a bit overstated, but you get the idea)

PS - you are here in just over a week! Dallas and I can't wait to see you and TIm!