Wednesday, July 04, 2007

i heart facebook

i know...i think i've blogged about this before BUT i just am constantly amazed at the connections that happen through facebook. now maybe you don't want such connections and i can understand that but i'm a fairly anti-social person and have still been pleased with the people that i have gotten in touch with.

in grade 9, i was really good friends with a group of girls and then when we left HCS, we all went our own separate ways. we got together for thai food and starbucks a few weeks ago and totally caught up. it was strange but good.

in PDP, i was friends with a couple and when PDP was over, we lost touch. we had not been in touch since then i found them on facebook and they live in chilliwack now! i went over there for dinner one night on my way home from work and great time. and we have plans to get together again soon.

in my education classes at TWU, i often sat with this girl at the back of the class and had a great time. i always wondered what happened to her. then she found me on facebook and we're going for fraps this afternoon!

i have plans for a PDP group bbq this summer as well as hiking with some people i haven't seen in forever and i just love facebook for finding me all these people.

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ang said...

I'm glad you have embraced your social self through the aid of technology. It sounds like you are doing great at taking your internet connections offline. I'm yet to introduce the lurkers to my real life. I'm afraid they'll say I looked better in the pictures.