Sunday, July 01, 2007

for ang...who's locked up...

hey ang. i knew you'd be bored today so i thought i'd post a little something for you.

things i'd recommend to do when you're locked up and have nothing but a computer to entertain you with.

go to: : this is a website that has every tv show and movie and you don't have to download anything to watch them. just press play. : you've probably already been here today. : check for new photos. : if you download this free software, you can design your own book/[hoto album and then this site publishes it in a hardcover book. it looks so great. i have it downloaded on my computer but there are just no great photos for me to put in it! you, on the other hand, with all you journalism talents combined with your mad photography skills, could make a fantastic book.

upload more alyssa and james wedding photos ontil facebook/blog so we can see. heehee.


okay so i don't have that many ideas but the blurb book and the tv links could set you up with hours of entertainment. :)

i'm glad you're a bridesmaid with a fitting so that you will be coming home soon! have a good day! happy canada day!

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ang said...

thanks for the tips! I'll have you know that I will not be distracted by the movies today. I am only working on Alyssa pictures! They will be out soon!