Wednesday, July 18, 2007


so i told my massage therapist today that i was going on my first backpacking trip next week. here's our conversation entitled "what not to tell someone going on their first backpacking trip":

michelle: do you have bear spray?
me: no.
michelle: did you hear about those people who were attacked by a grizzly last week?
me: no.
michelle: they startled the grizzly and it attacked them.
me: yeah, i guess you need to be quite loud as you hike so you don't startle them and then hopefully they leave you alone.
michelle: well that's what they say about black bears but grizzlies will just attack for no reason.
me: huh.
michelle: you should probably get bear spray.

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therachel said...

bears are making quite good use of your vacay time: working out with a trainer, shopping, getting massages...

Bec, are you sure you're not a celebrity?