Monday, July 09, 2007

time for school...

so in case you hadn't heard, i'll be teaching french next year to grades 1 through 7. you may ask, "do you speak french?" and i'd most likely answer "no." however, in a small school, when the french teacher leaves, we look around at remaining staff and ask, "well? who's going to teach french?" and the person with the most experience wins. i have up to grade 12 french so it's not like i'm totally clueless but...i'll need some refreshing before september.

as my first duty as french teacher, i ordered an entirely new french program for the school. spend money - it's what i'm best at. i didn't think that trying to follow in the steps of the previous french teacher would go over that well with the students as everything i did would be compared to her. plus, most of her program was designed by her which makes it difficult for a new teacher to implement. this new program called Histoires en Action and it uses gestures with each french word -- like sign language. if you check out the site, it explains it if you want more details.

so i knew i had some major studying to do this summer. i hadn't started. then i had a dream.

it was the first day of school and i'm in my classroom until the principal comes in and tells me that it's time for me to go to the 6/7 classroom for french. i realize i have nothing prepared. i go to the classroom and figure we'll do a review/see what they know type class. i ask them, "who knows how to say 'teacher' in french?" no one knows. then i realize that i don't know either. then i woke up.

i'm a little nervous.

today i broke out the material and the dvds and started watching and reading and learning gestures. i now know 47 french words with their gestures. some of them, i'm not sure of the english meanings but...that'll come.

au revoir. (wave)


Tim said...

You're going to do great.

judymacd said...

Make sure one of those first words you learn is "teacher"... just in case your dream comes true :)

therachel said...

what a supportive (and wise - thanks Judy!) family you have. what are the actions for "how many days till Rebecca gets to Edmonton?"