Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the heat wave continues

well i'm feeling a little better about my post yesterday because as it turns out, we broke records for temperatures all over the lower mainland! no wonder i couldn't sleep! today kara and i sat by the pool with it's 90 degree water that felt cool in comparison to the 105 degree weather. (well that was the temp on the porch thermometer this afternoon.) despite the best efforts of re-applying waterproof sunscreen every time i got out the pool, i apparently missed some spots on my legs. my thighs are fairly blotchy red this evening. as i am typing, the temperature in the house reads 36 and there is sweat dripping down my face for the exertion of typing. i just lugged our smaller tv downstairs and hooked up the dvd player and after the next sweaty hour of so you think you can dance, i will officially be moving downstairs to our spare room to watch movies and sleep.

good thing i bought some popsicles today!

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